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High value fast growing ventures have three main ingredients that create this success, the first being the idea and opportunity it capitalises on. The second is the talent that makes it a success. The third is capital which is the rocket fuel to make it happen. The most important part those is the talent, as they will always generate ongoing ideas/ opportunities and will find the money to make them a reality.

At C2 Capital we are an Entrepreneur focused VC firm and fund dedicated to the highest conversion of our portfolio to achieve business
success. We have a structured and rigorous.
Upon approval, the Fund is to operate as an ESVCLP under the Venture Capital Act 2002. It will make investments permitted under that
Act and will operate so as to comply with the ongoing requirements for registration as an ESVCLP.


The C2 VC 1 LP Fund has been formed to invest in early stage high growth Australian technology and fast growth businesses in our three areas of focus.

The C2 VC1 LP Fund is a member of the C2 Capital group and the General Partner of the fund, C2 Venture Capital Pty Ltd expects to raise in excess of $10,000,000 in 2018 and a further $30,000,000 in 2019 from it’s existing and referred wholesale and institutional clients for a total capped fund size of $50million. C2 Venture Capital Pty Ltd is the Fund Manager. Its role is to source and analyse potential investment opportunities, with an emphasis on Australian Eastern seaboard based investments. Its mandate is to manage those portfolio investments through to suitable high value investment exits, utilising the full resources of C2 Capital group. The Fund Management team has a track record of many years of successful hands-on entrepreneurship, having started, grown and exited numerous businesses both as direct operators and as investors. At C2 Capital, through our C2 VC 1 LP fund we invest in startups, expanding businesses and some later stage companies.

The C2 VC 1 Fund is an exciting new fund focused on the early stage Australian venture capital market with a focus on WealthTech/FinTech, InfoTech and BrandTech opportunities, and the intended objectives and focus of the Fund make it suitable for registration as an Early Stage Venture Capital Limited Partnership (ESVCLP).


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