If you consider and study the wealth creation strategies of the Ultra High Net Worth (UHNWs) they:

  • Put themselves in a place of where high value opportunities come to them
  • They work with others which gives them greater leverage to maximise return and minimise risk
  • Focused on private market opportunities, creating value in direct property and business ventures
  • Finally, they associate with a close group of likeminded people that will inspire them and that they can learn from

At C2 Capital we are often approached by individuals and groups looking for information about alternative assets, as a result we would like to extend an invite for you to attend our Inner Circle Dinner.Here in Melbourne, we are gathering an exclusive group of like-minded individuals who would like to hear more about alternative assets and first mover advantages.

We firmly believe that just one idea, a single opportunity or an individual connection can change everything. The influential innovators who become members of the C2 Inner Circle will share that conviction and enjoy the rewards accruing from exercising their foresight and resolution.

We ask that you reserve your seat ASAP as places are limited

Everything starts somewhere

One hundred years ago the Santa Clara Valley was farmlands and orchards. Today it is better known as “Silicon Valley”, home of 39 Fortune 1000 corporations, many of which had humble beginnings in garages and sheds. Among these was Steve Bezos – now the wealthiest person on earth. In 1994 he pitched his vision of an internet-based retail business to 63 potential investors, 20 of whom became the seed investors that provided Bezos with US$1 million startup capital. Amazon’s original backers have subsequently witnessed a 70,000-times return on their investment!

As for the 43 who passed up on the opportunity, they no doubt miss the opportunity of a lifetime.

The influential innovators who become members of the C2 Inner Circle understand that the greatest wealth is generated from the ground floor. We at C2 Capital are constantly imagineering great opportunities from a blank canvass through to fully optimised entity ready for offering to the public market. Inner Circle members and enjoy first option privileges with these allowing them to generate the greatest returns on their investments.